Monday, November 26, 2007

Back at it

Thanksgiving is over with and I decided to get back to it. I did 2 gradations with its compliment added (posted picture of one the other needs ironing, maybe tomorrow I'll get it posted), 2 potholders with embroidered snowflakes all done in the hoop and a sweatshirt jacket for my mom using my handdyes and machine embroidery. I still have the buttons and closures to put on it and I'm thinking about maybe putting on some crystals. I'm needing to do a grey gradation with a blue tone to it so I'll be looking in my book tomorrow and hopefully find the right color. I had a customer send me two pieces with paint on it one on cardboard and the other on paper, the one on cardboard has a blue cast to it and the one on paper has a green cast to it. She wants the one with the blue cast. I did find the one with the green cast to it but I'll keep looking for the blue cast. I'll post my results when I find it.

gradation with compliment added

Sweatshirt front

Sweatshirt back


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