Saturday, November 10, 2007

saturday show

The show today was just as slow as yesterday. We did have buses from Michigan, Indiana and Tenn. (one from each state) All the vendors were complaining about how slow it was and how expensive the food was here. I saw more and more people bringing sandwiches or getting fast food and bringing it in. I hear that Troy Fabrics is having their warehouse open to the public tomorrow so a lot of people will be going there to buy wholesale. You do have to buy a bolt but the women were saying that they just split the bolt or bundles and its worth it. I did get asked to do a show for a guild in Dekalb, IL next October. I also have been asked several times how I get my fabric so bright, that even the darks are bright. There was a shop across from me that the owner was selling her fat quarters for $1.55 and her staff was selling them for $1.75. To funny it all depended on who was at the register at the time. This has been an experience and I will vend at other shows but I won't be comeing back here. I was told by one shop owner that she won't be going back to the show at the Rosemont, to many people there and they didn't make enough since there were so many vendors. She said she made more money in Madison then at Rosemont. One more day for the show tomorrow then time to pack up. My mom and my niece are suppose to come. This will be their first quilt show to attend. Judi

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  1. Judi,
    I hate to hear that things didn't go as well as you expected. Well it sounds like lessons were learned and that has to be worth something! Your booth looked great and it doesn't sound like it was you. I guess it's a hard thing to predict, but I sure didn't know about all those prices! Jeepers! Keep us posted on future vending adventures!