Thursday, November 29, 2007

This and That

It may look like I did alot today but this is what I have done this week. Today I didn't get to do any sewing or dyeing but I did get my christmas tree up and the house cleaned and my cards made out. Actually my dh machine embroidered the cards and all I had to do was tape the design to the card, he also did the printing in the inside of the card. So all in all a pretty productive week.

I have been wanting to make my grandkids a countdown to christmas calendar. I have to sew up the bottom edge where I turned it and put a little quilting on it. I'll give it to her Saturday and ofcourse it will be filled with candy for each of them.

Front and back side of potholder. All you do is cut 5 9" blocks and choose which you want for the back, then fold the other 4 blocks into triangles and stack one at each corer with the last one putting one under the first triangle. You use a square of insulbrite on the bottom lawyer then the fabric on top. After stitching around you flip it and its right side out. Really easy and quick to make.

This is a xbag purse I made for my mom. She wanted a jean one but I decide to use half jean material and the other half a batik.

This is the compliment to the gradation I posted on Monday. It has the compliment color added to the last 2 darkest colors.

Sweatshirt For Mom finally finished.


  1. Wow Judi! You've been busy. All very nice!! Love the countdown to Christmas quilt. The kids will love it!!

  2. These are all fantastic Judi, you've been so busy.

    I like your colours with the compliment but am wondering what colours you used? The blue is really pretty.

  3. I like the way you've done that panel on the front of the sweatshirt - very clever.