Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today's Accomplishments

This is a block that I did for the thangles bom. I choose the green and red christmas colors. We purchase a block pattern and fabric for a dollar and bring it back the next month and get the next block for a dollar, if we do not finish the block we pay $3.00. One more and I'll have all twelve done. I'll get that block next month.

This is a block for guild. We have a lotto every month, we buy for a quarter some fabric and a pattern and we then add some of our own fabric. The piece we were given is the fall colors and I added the rust handdye and the cracked ice that I dyed golden. I made two of these blocks today. This block is called floating square.

These are the gift bags I made for the kids my daughter babysits. I noticed one is bigger then the other I will fix that by cutting the top down and sewing the bottom seam to make it smaller. I wonder how I did that. I made one of these yesterday and the other 4 today.


  1. Like that floating square, Judi - might have to use that for something.

  2. Nice job Judi, you always seem to get so much accomplished and you do such a good job at it as well.