Friday, April 11, 2008

The Gatherin

Today and tomorrow is The Gatherin. My dh and I went early this morning and set up my booth. They gave us 2-8 ft tables and that was it besides the drapeing around each booth. I had a few tablecloths with me so I put those on the tables.


  1. That really looks good Judi, just beautiful, I wish I had been there to see it.

    Your scarves look lovely I don't think I've seen them before you should post some pictures of them when you get a chance or when you've made them up.

    Good luck on the next show :D

  2. Your booth looked great. You're talented with making do with what you're given! The quilts are beautiful, did you do all of them? If so, oh my goodness! If not, well still oh my goodness, they are wonderful! See you soon at our workshop.