Monday, May 19, 2008

Pounded Fabric

My surfacing group is doing a swap of pounded fabric. Below are 4 pictures of the pieces I did. You take your fabric get it damp scrunch it up and pound paint into it and let it sit in a baggie for about a week. I used Profab Textile paint in various colors. Well I did mine before I went to the MQS show last week and today I took them out of the baggies and heat set them. I really like how these turned out but I think they probably had a little to much water on them that is why they are so light.


  1. These are definitely different, I'm getting a strong urge to iron them, lol. I'm thinking its just a little to much texture for me but I can see someone using these for some kind of fantastic art quilt for sure.

  2. Pounded the paint in with what? I like them!