Saturday, June 28, 2008

4 Layer Cake Quilt, snowdyeing, gutter dyeing

Today I had a pretty productive day. I did 9 yards of snow-dyed fabric, made a quilt top, used a gutter and dyed a wide back piece for the back of this quilt. The quilt is called 4 layer cake and you use a layer cake of fabric from Moda. It consists of 40 ten inch squares of different fabric. I saw this fabric in Paducah and just loved it so I bought the layer cake at Hancock's and then ordered the border and binding fabric. I waited and waited for the fabric and received bits and pieces of it and finally cancelled the last of the order and went to a quilt shop and purchased the rest. The backing fabric I used was a wide piece from Marshalls that I dyed in a gutter. A friend of mine had suggested using one for larger pieces and it worked great. I did have my dh get me a ten foot one and cut it in half and put ends on it. Now I think I would like a ten foot one just for the wide-backs so I don't have to fold it over. Tomorrow I will get some more snow-dyeing done and get this quilt quilted.


  1. I've been looking for the large wallpaper trays that Carol had at our class, but we don't have them around here (wallpaper is out of style), but the gutter idea might work. I want to do the trading spaces dyeing, so maybe that will work. After I get back from my trip, I'll give it a try.

  2. Cool Judi what a perfect match for the quilt.

  3. Another great idea Judi, the gutter for dyeing. We have some of that laying around. Still more snow in the mountians.

  4. That's really pretty, Judi. How large is the quilt? Love your gutter-dyed piece, what a great way to make the backing.

  5. I love the way the colors came out!! One of my favorites is the orange and yellow, but this is awesome! Great work.