Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Catching up with pictures

The last few days I have been doing some snowdyeing. I have ironing to do and about 9yards to rinse tomorrow. I'll share pictures tomorrow. I also thought I'd try taking one of those new baggies where you suck out all the air to see what kind of texture you will get. I have a baggie batching until tomorrow.
These two pictures are of pieces I pole-dyed last week. They aren't as bright as I would like them and there is very subtle difference in the coloration. I have more practicing to do on this.

In my evening guild we were given a fat quarter of fabric and had to use it in something no smaller then 12x12 and no larger then 36x36. I made a doll blanket with my fabric.

These two pictures are of a small ironing table my husband makes. The top measures approx 20x36 and the other picture is of it folded up. These are great to take to classes and fit just below the top of a banquet table.

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  1. Your husband is so handy Judi, you're lucky to have him. Mine can make stuff but it's few and far inbetween when he does. He just doesn't have the inclination to do that kind of stuff.

    The fabric turned out fine but I think it's probably something that's better to look at in person since the shadings are so subtle. It reminds me of some fabric that I bought before I started dyeing my own, very nice for background. You know as a filler but with a bit of variation to make it interesting but not over-powering.

    I like the little quilt, you matched up the hand-dyes well with the print.