Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pole dyeing, snow dyeing, baby quilt

I sure wish I could share pictures with you all but without my laptop I'll have to wait to share. Today I did 16 yards of pole-dyed fabric. My husband just laughed at me when he saw how colorful my feet, legs and arms were. Most of the dye washed off with redrun. I also snow-dyed 6 yards of fabric. All this will get rinsed out and washed wither tomorrow or Thursday. I have a new grandson due in about a month and I'm working on a quilt for him. I have all the blocks made now to just sew them together and put a border on it. I'm hoping when I take my dh to the city to the doctor tomorrow I will be able to pick up my laptop. They say it is the harddrive but they are still trying to get all my stuff off the old one. I sure hope I don't loose everything.

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