Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This piece I used elmers blue glue as the resist. I also like the way this one turned out.

This is an overdyed piece where I had accordian folded it in both directions and dyed it using one color at a time without rinsing between adding more color. It's something I learned in Carol Soderlund's class so I don't want to get to technical.

This piece fo fabric was dyed using a clear tube. It has a little to much white on it for me. I will try this technique again.


  1. Very nice Judi, I really like the glue one and the folded one is interesting as well.

  2. Love your fabric! I need to do more with the resist, I love the way it looks on your piece. I'm anxious to get home and maybe, just maybe I'll get some time to dye!