Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hip to Be Square

Yesterday I got up early to take my dh to the doctor he got another shot in his spine. He starts therapy in two weeks. Today I got up early once again to go to the dentist that was a good chunk of money then on to Walmart to fill the gas tank up. Then of course since I had to go by the quilt shop I had to stop. I found some really cute Halloween fabric to either use as 3 trick or treat bags or as a wall quilt. Not sure which I am going to do. After getting home I was able to make these blocks for a quilt. The quilt is called hip to be square. I'm still thinking about moving the blocks around a little what do you all think??? Tomorrow I get to get up early once again this time for me to go to the doctor. I got bit by a spider and it left a lump, my doctor thinks I need to see a surgeon to have it removed.

Another picture of the same quilt.

1 comment:

  1. I think I like the bottom grouping best.
    Wishing you good results on your test Judi,,,I know how trying waiting on test results can be.