Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update Computer Woes

Well it's been a month since I took my laptop to the Geek Squad and still don't have it back. At first the kid told me that it wasn't the harddrive when they tested it, then they told me it was. After not being able to undo a screw to take the harddrive out of it's case to see if they could retrieve anything from it they said it was the harddrive and it had to be sent into HP. I asked if I could have the old harddrive so I can take it elsewhere to get the stuff off it. The Geek Squad told me that it would cost thousands of dollars to send it to a specialist to take off my data but after them not being able to unscrew a screw to take it out of the case it made me wonder. This last Friday we received an automated phone message saying my laptop was ready to pick up, well we drove the hour each way to get it and guess what it wasn't ready. We told them we got a phone call and they asked if it was automated and we said yes but they said oh that was just to let you did know it was back here but we still have to put windows and the other stuff on it. We asked why they say it was ready for pickup? They say we don't have any control over the automated message. Well we left and guess what today we got another automated message saying it was ready to pick up but after yesterday driving each way for an hour we thought we had better call first, so we called had them go physically check to see if it was ready and guess what no it wasn't and it would probably be a few more days. We said we got another automated phone message and they tell us oh they didn't take us off that list. Well after a month and no laptop and no old harddrive the Geek Squad at Best Buy has left a really bad taste in our mouths. I really doubt we will purchase anything from them again.


  1. Oh, my! Sounds like your problems are worse than mine. What ever happened to customer service?? This just makes me sick that we can trust so few businesses to stand behind their product. Good luck!

  2. They don't sound compentant Judi. I had a hard drive go and I think I was told around five hundred to get the info off the hard drive not thousands. Plus it doesn't take that long to fix your computer. I could do if for you in one afternoon.

    If it's your hard drive it takes about five minutes to put in a new one (I know I've done it). To load a new operating system it only takes about 30 minutes to an hour. I haven't loaded Vista myself so I'm assuming it can be loaded in about an hour. The fact that they've had your computer for a month is not right especially if they are from Best Buy. They should have the parts there and ready to go.

    I'd be giving them a hard time and be asking for the store manager.