Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nashville AQS Show

We made it to Nashville last night. My friend Joyce came with me. She's taking classes and will relieve me for lunch. Of course sine we went right through Paducah we had to stop. They closed at 5:30 and we got there at 5 so we had a half hour to shop. Believe it or not all I bought was a ruler.
Today we set my booth up. Pictures are below. After having the low 80's at home for a couple weeks we are having the upper 90's and high humidity.


  1. The booth looks great! I hope you have a wonderful time and sell out!

  2. Your booth just keeps getting better and better Judi. Do they give out awards for best looking booth because I'm sure you should get one.

    Hope you sell lots and lots of material.

  3. The booth is awesome! It would certainly make me want to purchase something! Hope you do well!

  4. Your booth looks awesome Judi,,so inviting. You should get lots of lookers and hopefully buyers.

  5. Judi, the booth looks great as always. If you see the Flamingo Island Designs booth, tell my friend Barbara I said hello. She lives here in Vero where I live and we quilt together. This is her first year there.