Friday, November 21, 2008

Columbia, Mo Guild Show

We made it up here to Columbia this afternoon. Did a little toy shopping at Toys R Us since there was a sale going on. Got to the hotel and on to the expo center to set up for the show this weekend. My dh got all the bins in and I had all the quilts hung when I realized I had left all my patterns at home. I usually put everything outside on my porch and he puts it in the van but since I can't lift anything heavy he picked up everything and I didn't double check. It's an hour and a half each direction but my dh said he would go get them. Well I'm sitting here waiting for him to get back, he is suppose to stop and get us a sandwich on the way back. The show is tomorrow and Sunday and I'm hearing there should be a couple buses. I'm looking forward to a good show. I'll try and post some booth pictures and show pictures tomorrow. I was told that there will be a group of gals that will stay at the show all night tonight and tomorrow night to babysit the quilts and our merchandise so I can go down anytime and put up my patterns.


  1. Take care of your elbow and don't over do it Judy.

  2. What a sweetie to go back and get them for you, and supper too! Hope you do well at the show.