Friday, January 16, 2009

crayon challenge, block exchange, president's block, racks, red/green run

I didn't think I got much done this week but from reading everything I did I did get quit a bit done with going to the eye doctor and the specialist I had for my arm. I was released from the doctor so I'm back at it full force my arm will tell me when I overdo. Now I'm getting some new glasses, I have been having problems with one eye wondering and also my eyes getting so tired when I'm doing things. I found out that I need a prism in my glasses to keep my eyes from stressing out and wondering. When I try to look forward for long periods of time my eyes want to look away and the prism is suppose to keep my eyes from wondering and putting so much stress on them. I sure hope this works, when we have been going to shows my dh would drive, it never failed we would be on the road maybe 2 hours and I was going to sleep, now I know the reason my eyes are so tired and stressed and I fall asleep.

We got some snow today, it wasn't in the forecast but we did get some. Still not enough to do any snowdyeing but I do need to get back to it since I have 5 shows coming up in 5 weeks from now so I really need to stock up on fabric. In this picture you will also see what I get to see out my front window. There use to be trees there but the people who bought the property next to us took them all down. We are planning on putting up some fast growing trees this spring but we will have to haul water since it's to far from the spicket to put on a soaker hose.
This is my red/green run for my online dyeing group swap. I did get some some nice browns. I used ProChems turkey red and ProChems Bright Green. I also got my resist pieces batching so hopefully tomorrow I can share pictures of those pieces.
These are a few racks for patterns and books I purchased for $25 each from a local quilt shop that went out of business. They closed on Saturday and I picked these up yesterday. I think these will work rather well in my booth at shows.

The other day I told you about a crayon challenge that the guild gave us. We picked two crayons from a bag and we were to make a block from those colors. My colors were brown and grey, I decided to just use the same pattern from our bom, here is my block I added that greeny yellow with the brown and grey. They say in April we will pick whose was the ugliest, the most colorful, and the best block. Should be pretty interesting to see all the blocks. They say we are going to make a charity quilt out of all the blocks, I hope they choose a neutral color to border the blocks with.
Every month the guild has a block of the month. They sell fabric for a quarter for part of a block and we are to add the other fabric to it we then take the block back next month and we have a drawing on who gets all the blocks. These blocks are 12 in so we should probably have 2 winners next month. This month they gave us the piece with all the texture and the others are my handdyes. I made two of these blocks yesterday.

Our quilt guild president is stepping down this year after serving 2 years so we all made a block for her. This is my block, we were given all the fabric for it infact the center was already sewn together for us.


  1. Glad to hear your arm has healed and your ready to go again. I hope the glasses help your eyes.

    Your fabrics are pretty for your swap. I still want to try dyeing some day.

  2. Judi,
    come visit me if you want to snow dye.
    We have a lot and it's still white and beautiful!