Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OK City Winter Quilt Show

We made it to OK City last night. It was about a 6 hour drive so really not to bad. We did have a little rain/snow as we left home but just enought to put some spots on the windshield and the roads were good all the way here. This is what is outside my hotelroom window when I look northwest you can see the front of the convention center and the skyline of the city.
This picture was taken out my window of Brick Town to the east. Brick Town is the area where all the night life and restraunts are.
Today is the day we set up at the convention center. We have a georgeous day the temps are suppose to be in the mid to lower 60's today and it feels like it this afternoon. This picture is the line of cars still waiting to unload. Set up time was 11:00 am and we got there at 10:30. We were really lucky since this picture was taken from our room at 1:30 after we were set up. I wonder what it's going to be like when we have to take down.
This is my booth. As you can see I have acorner booth this time so I have 2 sides open. I also decided to try something different this time and I have fat quarters of batiks and handdyes besides my snowdyed fabric. Let's see how this works my bundles weren't selling very well so I decided to take them apart also kits aren't selling either. It's probably because of the cost of handdyes. I hear people say all the time handdyes are so expensive. They don't realize all the work that goes into dyeing fabric.


  1. Your booth would be SOOOOO tempting, even though I make my own hand-dyes. I need to make some, the "good" colors are used up, but the cost of natural gas for the water heater & dryer is so high I've been putting it off. By the way, I really like your blog background. It just SAYS hand-dye, and your header picture is purrrrrrfect with it.

  2. The booth looks great Judi! The brick area looks interesting. Must be similar to LoDo in Denver.

  3. Looking good Judi, I really like the new curvy quilt set up in your booth.

  4. Should have said I also like the new layout of your blog as well. Nice and colourful.

  5. Your booth looks great and very tempting. The quilts add a colorful message too and advertise your fabrics. Wish I could come!