Monday, March 30, 2009

the Gatherin and Trevor's Birthday

The Gatherin was a great show there were over 800 people that went through on Friday and I bet 700 of them went through from 10-12. There was a long line waiting to get in at 9. The weather turned bad on Saturday but we still had some that came out. There were people from all over MO, Kansas, Iowa, and even one from MN. This was the third year for this show and the attendance just keeps increasing and people were spending money. It's like going to Paducah you know it comes once a year and you save for the two day sale. One gal had 25% off everything in her booth which was the wrong thing to do. We don't want to be known as bargain basement we want it to be kept upscale which so far it has been.

My grandson Trevor had a birthday on Friday but since I had the show to be at we celebrated yesterday by taking him and his brothers and sister to Miner Mike's which has a maze to play in and rides (bumper cars, train, and ferris wheel etc)also some games. We then took them all out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. The kids had a ball here are some pictures of them having fun. Daddy also surprised them all by making it home from Afghanistan at 3 in the morning to enjoy the party with the kids. He'll be home for about a month then going back to Afghanistan for 2 months.

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