Saturday, April 11, 2009

internet, bad checks and snowdyed fabric

I haven't posted in a few days since my internet has been very iffy. We did have some rain and when that happens I may as well forget about even getting on and then yahoo has been playing games also giving me an 999 error. So now to catch up with everything. If anyone is going to be staying at the Executive INN in Paducah for the show be sure to check out the pictures of them on the AQS blog. There are also pictures of what the convention center is looking like. Just one more week before I leave for Paducah!!! I have been getting ready for Paducah so here are a few of the snowdyed pieces I have done in the past week or so. They are all ready to go, right now I am concentrating on cutting fat quarters and yard pieces of batiks. I still have a little ironing to do of some gradations I did the other day and I do have some more snowdyed, shibori and gradations batching.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday so I have a lot to do to get ready for that. My grandkids will be coming over and we will have an easter egg hunt here on the farm and also go into town for another hunt. We will also celebrate Kaycee's 5th birthday where oh where have all those years gone. She will be starting kindergarten in August.

Most quilters are so honest but then there are a few in every bunch, I got my first bad check sent back to me the other day from the bank. This one is from someone that was at The Gatherin. Why do people write checks when they know there isn't enough funds in their accounts. I took this to the prosecuting attorney's office the other day so I won't even mess with it.


  1. My first and only bad check was for $236.00, which I never recovered. It was very shocking to me since I also believe in and trust quilters!

  2. That's a shame, at some point in time, maybe as I worked as a cashier, I was told to take down the driver's license when accepting a check. Apparently it's of more use than a credit card number. It's also possible that by asking for a valid driver's I.D. number whoever has fraud in mind might back off. If they can't produce proof of I.D. then tell them sorry.

    Actually know that I think of it, scope out any bank machines in the area and if there is one tell them you only accept cash.