Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paducah, bad checks

We made it to Paducah today, the weather was a sunny 75 degrees after dinner we got a good thunderstorm. I did get to get a peak inside the newly redone convention center and it is absolutely wonderful. If your coming to the show you won't believe what they did to it now for the Galleria, The center section is really nice but the left and right sections aren't complete, there are areas where you can tell all they did was take a saws all and cut out the wall. It will be okay for the show. I paid for a corner booth and I didn't get one, gee I wonder how hard it will be to get the extra money I paid back.

I heard from the gal that wrote the bad check, she wanted my address to send me a money order, I told her it was out of my hands since I turned it over to the Prosecuting Attorney's office. I did this on April 8th she said she just heard from her bank on Friday and that I should of called her. She was very upset to say the least and said I had a low opinion of all people. I have always been told not to mess with it when you get one to just turn it over, what is everyone else's opinion? She said she will be returning my merchandise that she bought and find someone else to do business with at least I won't get anymore bad checks from her.


  1. Sorry, but I would have given her a chance to remedy it first before turning her in. :-) Hope your next shows go well.

  2. Just say "good riddance." My extension club puts on a small local crafts/home business type fair each fall. Last year for the first time we got a bad check from an exhibitor. We had the bank run it through twice, had them call her bank, found the acount was empty, tried to call her several times, no return calls. Our treasurer finally took it to the County Attorney who wrote her a stern letter. She did finally send the money, but she won't be invited back to this show. Who needs the hassle?