Sunday, May 3, 2009

ABC portable Mangle

Mother's day is just around the corner so I made my mom a postcard. Hope she likes it.
Today I looked on Craig's List and found a mangle close to home. We took the 1 1/2 hour drive to look at it and it worked. I tried a piece of scrap on it to see just how well it worked. It will iron a half yard or a fat quarter but I figure I can always do half then do the other half on a yard piece, the best part it is portable it is only about 30 inches wide and 10 inches deep it's a tabletop mode. I think I will get a lot of use out of it.


  1. Interesting, I wonder why they don't make them any more? We don't have as much cotton to iron?

  2. Will you use this for your fabrics you dye? I have heard of these, but haven't seen it in action, though it reminds me a bit of the old fashioned wringer on the wringer washers.