Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home Again

I'm home again for a short two weeks then on to Ohio for NQA and IN for the Shipshewana Show. MQS turned out to be an okay show. It was slow at first but did pick up. I was able to see a few friends and meet a few blog friends Hi Jean!. I meet David Taylor and he loved my fabric so much that he told his class they should come down and buy it. Thanks David! I also meet a gal that bought my fabric in the past and took it to a class in CO with Ricky Timms and he was very impressed with my snowdyed fabric. Anyone using my fabric please send me a picture and I will post it on my website under inspiration. Now to get the laundry done and the house back in order.


  1. Hi Judi!!! It was fun to meet you! It must be so much fun to know David Taylor is using your fabic and he reccommended it to his students!

  2. Awesome endorsements! Your booth looked great and so glad to see that business picked up toward the end. Sounds like you're doing great!

  3. Kudos, Judi on the endorsement and praise. Sounds like your hard work is paying off.