Monday, May 11, 2009


I have the trailer all packed and ready to go to Overland Park, Kansas for the MQS show. MQS is the machine quilters showcase, this is mainly attended by longarm machine quilters but in the past few years they have changed it and now is open to all. Yes I said trailer instead of van, we are taking it and the truck this time since I purchased a batting holder and it will be delivered to the show. I got a really great deal on it more then 50% off so we are taking the truck and trailer so we have enough room to bring it home now to find room in the studio for it.VBG This show runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday and they will have shopping frenzy on Wednesday and Schoolhouse on Thursday night. This is a really good show to attend so if you find yourself in the area be sure in stop in.


  1. Hopefully I will see you Saturday!

  2. Good luck! Hope you have great sales!

  3. Cool a batting holder, hope the show is going well for you.