Wednesday, May 6, 2009

poledyed and swaps

In my dyeing group we are doing a swap of a rainbow wheel. The colors I used were boysenberry, grape and orange, they are all prochem's colors.
I experimented in doing pole dyeing but instead of using a pole I did it on my clothesline. The brighter colors is what it looked like wet on the clothes line and the duller colors is what I ended up with. I made a few mistakes by not batching long enough and leaving it on the close line to dry in the sun. I should of took them off the line while wet and batched in plastic. Live and learn that is what it is all about. I did get some nice pieces though.


  1. How much dye did it take to pour down the fabric Judi?

  2. Interesting technique...that's how you learn, isn't it, by the mistakes!

  3. Judi-I LOVE your "mistakes" They are gorgeous. Also love your color wheel.

  4. Judi,
    Great pieces on the clothes line dyeing! Favorite is the green/blue. I love that method. I have always allowed them to dry on the clothesline, will have to try batching in plastic sometime.