Friday, June 19, 2009

Rainy Day

Off to the convention center for the show today. It is pouring out and we have to walk but we did bring umbrellas with us so hopefully we will stay dry. This hotels shuttles to the airport but not across to the convention center. It really is only a block walk but when it's pouring down rain alot of women are complaining. Hoping for another good day, yesterday was rather busy all day and Thursday's are usually slow we did have a few buses.

Yesterday there was this older man that was proudly wearing a shirt his wife had made. This shirt sure was a topic for conversation, the fabric was the fabric that had bras all over it. He was in good humor and told us all that it was better to wear the bras on the shirt then under the shirt. Sure got a good kick out of him. How many men would wear a shirt with bras all over it?


  1. Glad the first day was good, wish I was in Ohio to see this show.

  2. Judi,
    I have run into some very interesting men at the quilt show. Sometimes more fun to talk to them than look at quilts.
    Glad you had a busy day yesterday.