Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Justin's First Birthday

Yesterday was my grandson Justin's first birthday. We had just gotten home from Knoxville so we hurried and emptied the van and went over for a few hours. Justin had gotten his first haircut on Sunday mom shaved his head, he looks just like his brothers now. We had gotten him an airplane teeter totter and dad was putting it together for him.
Justin on the tractor.
Justin and mom first haircut.
Justin and the other kids checking out his present. Big brother Trevor is spending some time with his other grandparents out of town so wasn't here to help celebrate.
Dad laying out all the pieces with Ryan looking on.
Come on dad get it finished, I want to try it out.
Ryan trying to help.
Ryan and Justin helping.

Being that we had just gotten back into town we weren't able to stay real long so mom will send me more pictures later of it finished and the kids playing on it.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Judi, the kids look like they're having a blast.