Friday, July 3, 2009

new colors and amish diamonds

I'm doing some snowdyeding to sell at the shows I vend at. I'm getting tired of the same old colors so I am trying some new ones, my favorite is the blue grey one, the chartreuse didn't turn out well since it had turquoise in it and we all know turquoise doesn't like cold and the orange is okay.

One of the groups I belong to is having a swap of amish diamond blocks. We did this same block in the past but there weren't enough in the swap so we decided to do it over. Here are two of the blocks I made we should have plenty of blocks this time around as there are 8 in the swap and we are to make 2 blocks each..


  1. How do you snow-dye in the summer? ice?

  2. Your Amish blocks are so pretty. I like your snowdyes too!

  3. Nice blocks, I have two left to do and then I'll send mine away as well.