Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quilt Show

I haven't been able to get into my yahoo mail so to answer the question of no quilts hanging. This show is in a college in class rooms and there is no draping just the walls. The show quilts are draped over chairs ontop of tables which is a little unusual but works. I didn't hang any quilts since I didn't think they wanted pin holes in their walls and my guild needed to use my backdrop stand to hold the raffle quilt, they were going to just put it over chairs and that wouldn't of looked very good and they wouldn't sell many chances that way. Yesterday was an okay day, this show was the first time with vendors and there were about 114 quilts displayed this was the second time this group of people put on this show and last year it was in a different location so for being a first time show in this location it was okay. I was surprised how well my t-shirts were excepted I sold a few of them. It was fun watching the gals try them on in the classroom. LOL I'm off in a little while to go back to the show (last day hours are 1-4) then pack up and head towards TN. I'll be posting from TN.


  1. I very much enjoyed the show and blogged about it yesterday. It was the perfect size for my first show. Not at all overwhelming, but a feast for the eyes. I wasn't brave enough to try out the long arm machine a few classes down from your room, but boy did she make it look easy. And your fabrics were GORGEOUS! May see you again when you are in Columbia in Aug! (my email is

  2. Glad the show went well. I checked out Becky's pix, sort of odd to display like that, but sometimes we have to use what we have!
    Have a safe trip to Tennessee.