Friday, August 28, 2009

Looks like we have a cat!

I have been busy all week working in my studio but I can't show you what I am working on. I am testing a pattern for a designer and part of the agreement is I will not share with anyone until after she publishes the pattern so maybe one day you will get to see it.

When we got home on Tuesday we thought we had seen a cat go running from under our front porch, well I guess we did. This morning when we got up there was a cat on our porch just meowing, well dh had to give it some milk and crackers, well it drank down all the milk in a matter of a few minutes but didn't touch the crackers. This cat looks like it was just dumped and it was starving, it was all bones. We took off and went to the big city shopping today and when we got back it heard us and came running. It is the friendliest cat I have seen in a long time for an outdoor cat that's what leads me to believe it was dumped. As I said earlier it was starving so we got some catfish food out of the barn and feed the cat. If it hangs around we will continue to feed it while we are home, dh says we will call it Bucco, what a name for a cat. But isn't he/she cute? We haven't checked to see the sex as of yet but it will jump on your lap if you sit down and it will rub against your legs. It was just a purring and meowing after we feed it.


  1. Yep, you have yourselves a cat. I always feel so sorry for these poor animals that were once someone's pet who get dumped. One of ours was a stray and he is just the nicest cat. He wasn't dumped but struck out on his own because he didn't like the people who had him.....makes me wonder about them.

  2. I'm so happy to hear about your new addition. He/she is a lucky cat to have found such a loving home.

    Please keep us posted as he settles in to his new home!


  3. Ah poor baby. I can't see him/her being a wild cat as they wouldn't come near you. Maybe he got lost somehow. We lost a cat about four years ago don't know how. There were coyotes around that summer so the vet said but maybe he just up and left and found a new home but I don't think so.