Monday, August 10, 2009

Quiet weekend and grandkids

I have nothing to show from this past weekend since I sent all my fabric back. I'm hoping to have new fabric here on Wednesday so I can start to dye again so instead I spent the weekend with my grandkids and today we took them for an aqua turtle. It's so fun to spoil the little ones. Now for some quiet time.
Trevor with his turtle.

Trevor, Kaycee and Ryan checking out the birds.

Justin checking out the birds.


  1. Why did you have to send your fabric back? I had Patti (from our Dying to Discharge Class) and her sister, Ellen here at my house to dye fabric back in April and they had a bad bolt of PFD fabric. And yes, it is wonderful to spoil the grandkids. We can't buy aqua turtles here in NC, I think it's against the law to sell them here. Oh well, glad to see while your week-end wasn't very productive, but sure looked fun!

  2. We love spending time with our grandkids, but they sure do wear us out! LOL

  3. Cute Judi, my son's turtle is still alive after about 12 years.