Thursday, September 17, 2009

dyeing day and gobble gobble

These snowdyed pieces are all different shades of green I was running low on greens in my inventory so I replenished them. All the fabrics you see below are all rinsed, washed, dried, ironed, photographed, folded and labeled.

These pieces were done with black, this black had a blue tone to it and didn't do quit what I wanted but I do like the way they turned out. The one with the purple strip was done with boysenberry and black.

This rusty orange color was a hot seller at the last show, I needed to replenish my stock so I did 3 yards yesterday in this color.

I saw this quilt hanging in just about every booth when I was in Madison last weekend. The name of the quilt is Gobble Gobble, I thought it was cute and bought the kit and brought it home. Well it wasn't long before I had to make it and today after snowdyeing 9 yards and getting ready for tomorrow's dye session I made this top. Now to find the time to quilt it.


  1. I wish I was able to make the quilt tops as fast as you. Took my machine in today to be serviced and while I was waiting I'd finished sewing up my spiral blocks only to realize I'd put on to many strips and now have to rip out about half of them...oh joy.

  2. The gobble gobble quilt is cute and you whipped that right out. I see you have some more beautiful snow dyed fabric ready to go.