Wednesday, September 30, 2009

handdyed quilt and deer

We got the van loaded and are heading out to IN in the morning for the quilt show in Crown Point, I sure hope the weather holds off we are expecting severe weather tomorrow and I hate to travel when it rains. Looks like when we get to IN it's suppose to rain all weekend there as well and the temps are suppose to be cooler.

I told you yesterday that I was working on a quilt but only had the blocks made, today I got those blocks sewed into rows and need to put the rows together and add 4 borders to it. This quilt is called Bachelor Button and is made out of handdyes and the sashing is a batik.

This is looking out my front window last night. Marc made this out of pvc pipe and filled it with almost 50 pounds of deer corn. Looks like we have some takers, even though hunting season is coming up in Nov we won't be here and this deer will be safe at least at our house.


  1. Cool, I wonder how long 50 lbs of corn lasts.

  2. Quilt is good too, are these fabrics you dyed special for the quilt or ones you had left over from another project?

  3. Love your Bachelor Button quilt. Can't wait to see it after you've finished it.

    We love watching all the deer that graze on our property. I think the most we've had at one time was ten or eleven. Sometimes we'll hear them walking along our front deck outside our bedroom window. The first time I heard them, it woke me up and scared me to death. LOL

  4. Cute quilt...have a safe trip!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I hope your trip goes well in spite of the weather forecast!