Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AQS Des Moines

We left home on Sunday and went to see the grandkids, that was about half way to Des Moines so that made it a nice 3 hour drive. We got to Des Moines on Monday around 1 in the afternoon, set up started at 2 so we headed over to the parking lot to get in line. We had to sit in line for 3 hours before we were able to go to the loading dock. I then went to see where my booth was and found that I didn't get what I paid for, I had paid for a corner booth and got an isle booth. We went ahead and unloaded and put the quilts up in our booth. By this time it was already 6 pm and we decided to quit get some dinner and go get our hotel. We went back this morning and set up our booth the rest of the way. This show started out badly and we are hoping it is worth being here. The show runs Wednesday thru Saturday, 9-6. My booth number is 405.
Once again I moved things around in the booth.


  1. Your booth looks great! Too bad about the long wait to get in, that seems sort of weird, was that the only entrance?

  2. The booth looks great Judi, even it it isn't a corner booth. The bachelor button quilt looks great with the border.
    Best wishes for a great show.
    Glad you were able to get a grandkids fix before the show.

  3. Your booth looks so nice...I just love all 3 quilts in the first picture!