Sunday, December 20, 2009

more quilting

I have no pics to show for yesterday since I spent the day trying to get most of my end of the year paperwork done. Today was another story, these 3 little quilts are all from Jo's Little Women Club and measure finished approx 18"x22", I did these quilts at retreat last year but didn't have time to get them quilted so today I got 3of them quilted and two have the binding on. It feels so good to get things from my to quilt pile done, I still have quit a few to do but they will get done one by one.

Nine Patch Strippy

Pick up Sticks

Cheddar and Chocolate


  1. These are so cute and you did a wonderful job quilting them.

  2. They look beautiful in earth colors and homes with good dark wooden furniture would love to own them.