Sunday, February 7, 2010

thangles bom done, Jo's Little Women Challenge

I finally found some fabric to complete the thangles bom. The first quilt shop I went to was trying to sell me a purpley red for the border and I just didn't like it, it was if they were just trying to make a sale. I then went to 3 other shops and at the 3rd shop I found what looked the best. The first pic show 3 of the 4 rows, and the next two pictures show the quilting. Today I hope to get the binding put on it and that will be another ufo done.

In my Jo's Little Women's group we were given a challenge. Rachel gave us each 4 pieces of fabric and told us to make something out of them and we could only use those 4 fabrics so I made a potholder. Not very original but I got it done.


  1. Wonderful Judi, I love the quilting on it as well. I found that ordering the Moda scrap bags much the same. I did't know what I was going to get so it forced me to work outside of my comfort zone. The little quilt I made was not colours I would have choosen myself.