Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Professional Tote

This tote is called the Professional Tote by Creative Thimbles. It boasts three zippers, 2 outside pockets one with a snap the other with a zipper, to sides to the inside with a zippered pocket separating it, and pockets on both sides on the inside. Also two pockets on the outside sides that have those barrel locks to hold in a water bottle or whatever.
 When I first heard of the tote I was told it would take 10 hours to make it, I really thought yeah right well it took me 11 hours to make it but it is so professional looking with all seams hidden. This is a sample for my booth, I have the pattern for sale for $10.00


  1. I have seen that bag before and it really is nice!

  2. That came out very nice Judi! and it certainly has enough storage.