Sunday, July 11, 2010

more quilting and weather

This is another client's quilt that I finished quilting today.
After getting this quilt quilted I went back to working on the Fairfax County Fair quilt until the power went out, I have only one more border to put on it and then get it quilted not sure if it will happen tomorrow my grandkids are coming for a visit so no quilting while they are here only playing. We had some severe weather go through here this afternoon, there were tornado warnings everywhere and one actually one was spotted on the ground by a state trooper. We faired the storm with only the power going out for about an hour or so, I hope all my friends are okay I'm sure I will hear from them later.


  1. So glad the tornado stayed at bay for you. Don't you just hate that when the power goes off when you are quilting a quilt? Beautiful finish!

  2. Stay safe Judi, love the quilt.