Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dyeing Days

The past few days I have been busy dyeing fabric. These were all done using techniques I learned recently. I still have more to iron so as soon as I get them ironed I will post them as well.
these pieces were done using the dry soda technique. I really like the way the black one turned out.
these pieces were done using a technique a gal at retreat showed us. The black one shows alot of white but it is actually a light grey.
This is a piece of snowdyed fabric I wanted to see what a certain color would do so I did only one yard.
These little applique pieces measure only 3x8 finished. The branches on the tree didn't turn out to well so I will have to redo them.


  1. Cool dyes! I love the second one!

  2. Are you tray dyeing?? I just started doing some of that myself and have been doing little else since. I am so in love with the technique and the results. Yours are great!

  3. Really nice Judi I like all of them and the applique is so cute.