Thursday, August 19, 2010

home again

Retreat is over and I am exhausted and home trying to catch up. I leave in 2 short weeks for the Nancy Zeman show in Madison WI called Quilt Expo so I have lots to do to get ready for this show. I'm going to have a few new to me techniques so if you are at this show stop in and see what's new.

My dryer went out in my house and we had the repair guy here to fix it, I have a front loader and it is all computerized, the error I was getting is E1, and it seemed the clothing just wasn't getting dry. Come to find out it was the thermistor, not the thermostat. It is very similar but with this type of dryer it is called something different and is a little different. The part has been ordered and should be in next week in the meantime I will be doing the laundry in my studio so I can work and do the laundry at the same time instead of doing it in the evenings.

I also have been longarm quilting since I have been home, I have gotten 5 quilts complete and back to their owner and picked up one more yesterday. 2 and 1/2 of these quilts were done before I left on retreat.

It's back to work for me and I think I am finally beginning to get some of my energy back.


  1. HI Judy,
    i hear you, having just returned from a 3 day /cloth camp/retreat myself and am now unpacking ALL the stuff, in addition to foodstuffs and clothing and sunscreen, i hauled over thinking i might work on and didn't, doing one or two of them, talking and laughing and spending most of the the time swimming.turns out the only thing i brought too little of was sunscreen!usually takes me a couple days to dig out and get back up to speed. turns out Dorothy was right ...there is no place like home! have a good time at Nancy's Quilt Expo and i hope it goes well for you. our expo is the second weekend in September.

  2. Good luck getting ready for the show! I will see you there on Saturday.