Saturday, October 16, 2010

Client's Quilt and decolourant

Today I quilted two quilts from the same client. These are throw size quilts and made from flannel. She used flannel on the front and the back and a piece of fabric in the middle instead of batting.

I also tested some Decolourant today. This was given to me by Dave at Kandi Korp to try. I really like this product, I compare it to Jacquard Discharge Paste but it is thicker and it comes in two kinds one is a plain decolourant and the other has a color added to it so it takes out the color and puts in another color. I tried it on both black Kona and a piece of black handdyed fabric and like the results on both.
wet set outside todry and begin dischargeing

brought in and ironed.

before it was ironed, see how the discharge already started

wet decolourant on black kona

discharged with an iron


  1. Turned out great! I've got two bottles to sample also,,,as soon as I can. Maybe I can do some tomorrow.

  2. I can't wait to try my decolourant!

  3. My samples just arrived late last week. I'm hoping to try it tomorrow.
    Glad I looked at your blog and saw your pictures. Did you use stencils for both your pictures.
    Ricky in Winnipeg