Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cabin Fever Quilt Guild Show

Today my daytime guild had their quilt show, they only have a show every 3 years. They had a total of 149 quilts form the 25 members that belong to the quilt.

The Antique Quilts and our Logo

Some of the quilts on the tables these are all large quilts

Wall size quilts

Joann stuffing the raffle box, Margie filling out raffle tickets.

The raffle quilt. A few years ago the members all made a block, they were given the background fabric and a multi flower fabric and was told to make a block. One of those blocks are mine but I don't remember which one I made.

My wholecloth snowdyed mandala won 1st place in the wall quilt catagory. First ribbon I have ever won.


  1. Love definitely deserve the ribbon! Looks like a fun time.

  2. Congratulations, Judi! It is very beautiful!

  3. Nice Judi, congrats on the win :)