Thursday, May 26, 2011

weather and guild

What a day yesterday was, there were numerous tornadoes go through  we are okay here in central MO. We had to go to the city yesterday and made it before the storms, after seeing the doctor we headed for Sam's Club we could tell the storm was coming in so we went in and got our shopping done but before we were done they called a code black which meant tornado warning and everyone was to go to the center of the store. It was a bit scary but we were all safe they said there was rotation only a block away from us. After the storm passed we checked out and headed home. We still needed to make a few stops but figured we would do them another day. Sure felt good to get back home.

Today is my guild meeting day and I get to teach a class. We will be making the spaghetti quilt/jelly roll race/lasagna quilt whichever you choose to call it. This is a very easy quilt to make all you do is sew the fabric strips end to end then start making rows you only need to make 5 rows and it's done. Hope to post pictures later.

Have a great day everyone and those in harms way please stay safe.