Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yesterday I had 2 quilts brought to me to quilt for others, one was a monster it measured 109x164 yeap that was the measurements and the back was 118x96. I called my client and told her the back was to small for the top and she told me to take off some of the blocks so it would fit. I informed her I would have to charge for that service and she said no I'm on a fixed income so I'll come get it and fix it.

The other client gave me a top and back that were both the same size, so I called her and she is hoping she has more of the fabric that she pieced together for the back to make it bigger. I should hear back from both of these clients later this week.

In the meantime I'm working on a ufo, I finally got the top all done and hope to get it loaded onto the longarm within the next few days. This particular quilt was started in 2004 and was a block of the month. I was working at the quilt shop at the time and never did get mine finished it (I know that is not an excuse) it sure feels good to get another ufo done but I still have to quilt it so pictures will come later.


  1. Really - 109 x 164? Who needs a quilt that big. Wow. I'm surprised that people still don't know that long armers need a lot of extra fabric for the backing to get on machines. I don't long arm but I know that.

  2. omg, she must've just kept sewing and sewing. Glad you got them measured right away so they could work on them.