Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quilts For Joplin

My guild is donating these quilts for the people in Joplin. Here is a link
 http://ozarksfirst.com/fulltext/?nxd_id=489617 to a story in the newspaper in Springfield MO. We did these at our guild meeting or at home. Pictures of Judi, Carrie, Linda, Diane and Susie just a  few of the guild members.

ARTICLE Quilters Helping Stitch Tornado Victims' Lives Back Together

Joplin, MO) -- As people in Joplin work to piece their lives back together, some volunteers in Springfield are piecing quilts to help lift their spirits.
Quilters from all over the Ozarks flocked to Sewing Machines Express on South Campbell Monday.
Their goal was to stitch together as many quilts as possible, and send them to tornado victims. As admission to the event, they either brought fabric or canned goods.
The event organizer even found a local company that's been delivering quilts from similar events.
They've seen how much the handmade gifts mean.
"The people who are getting these blankets and quilts, they don't have a bed to put them on," says organizer Becky Sellers. "They're staying on someone's couch. They're staying in a motel. They're staying in a trailer or a church basement, and they like having something warm to hold on to that someone made for them in love -- whether they know the people who made them or not." If you're interested in helping, Sewing Machines Express will have some block kits ready for stitching.

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