Monday, April 20, 2009


There was a note in our vendor packages that there isn't a contract for next year and that they suggest that we don't make a reservation anywhere that has a nonreturnable deposit and to watch the AQS website for further details.
This picture is of our room. There is also a small frig under the counter next to the bathroom. We did bring a microwave and small coffee pot with us so we will cook most of the time in our room.
Our room overlooks the river we do see a little of the roof but a great view otherwise. Marc watched a barge dock today.
We got up this morning and got all set up. We had a ramp we had to go up and down to bring everything in. I'm so glad Marc is feeling better and was able to help me get everything in. I set up differently this time. The first picture is my booth from the aisle and the other 3 are different areas inside my booth. I was suppose to get an end but since I didn't I'm making due. Actually I can't believe how much I got in my booth just by adding the racks and baskets.

A few booths setting up in the center area of the Galleria. See the bright sunshine coming in? It is rather warm in this area but where my booth is located on the left from the center it is darker and cooler.
Here are a couple pictures of the cafe area and some of the booths in the Galleria.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that things are looking good at the show. Good luck to you! I'll be by to see you probably Thursday.

  2. Really nice Judi, I love seeing your booth every time. It looks even better now with the racks, patterns and batiks. LOL, if I were there I'd buy the purple batik with the dragon flies on it.

    Seems like a good spot with the galleria there and the food tables.

  3. Your booth is just filled with so much wonderful color. If I was a customer I'd probably stand there like a dummy & not buy anything because I couldn't choose which item was the MOST wonderful. Good luck with the show.

  4. Everything looks great! Have a great time! Wish I was coming!

  5. Your booth looks really good! It is amazing how much more you are able to display using just a couple of shelves and racks. I am sure you will be able to get a refund on the corner booth fee, but what happened that you didn't get the corner? Did they reconfigure the room? Once in Houston I had requested a booth and a half and ended up with 2 and on a corner because they reconfigured the room. I was afraid they would charge me for the extra space and the corner but they didn't.
    Good Luck and I hope you sell out!

  6. Judi,
    The booth looks great. Wish I were going to be done there. Ann has been telling me how beautiful the dogwoods are this year. Hope it is a great show. Should help that the 25th anniversary is this year too. Hope they get all their ducks in a row pretty soon, I would be very disappointed if I did not get to go back to Paducah next year.

  7. Your booth looks great Judi!! You always have such a wonderful booth. Definatelly an eye catcher. You would definately draw me to your booth if I was there.