Friday, December 7, 2007

Back at it

I have been sick most of the week so I didn'tget much done. I've been to the doctor and also for a cat scan so I have spent maybe a day all week in my studio. I was able to do a little embroidery on a shirt and also made my dh a pair of shorts. I know here in MO we have freezing rain and a little snow but my dh wears shorts all year, I have 4 more pairs to go.

I won an ornament from my friend Kate and I received it in the mail today. I hung it on my tree and will enjoy it every year. My tree has all handmade ornaments on it.
My granddaughter came to spend the day with me and she wanted to pose in front of our tree.

This is a shirt I embroidered for my granddaughter for christmas. She is so picky so I took a plain jean shirt and embroidered it and added some bling.

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  1. Finally some other guy who wears shorts in the winter. I can't get my son out of them. There is something about picking up your 20 year at the train station in -30C freezing snow and he's wearing shorts.

    Your grandaughter is adorable and the shirt is just perfect, plain but as you say a little bling to liven it up, she should love it.