Sunday, December 9, 2007

ICE Storm

Starting last night we have been under ice storm warnings. I woke up during the night to lightning and thunder we were lucky to have mostly rain overnight or it would of been alot worse. This morning everything was covered with a layer of ice. We did have several branches down. As the morning went on our power went out, I was able to start a pot of chicken soup for dinner before it went out. The power was out for about an hour, then came back on for about an hour. I finished up the soup and made some noodles. Then the power went out again for about 2 hours. Its back on now but our lights have been flickering on and off most of the evening. I didn't get anything accomplished today since the ice also played havoc with the satellite TV and satellite internet. Went for the radio and the batteries were ofcourse dead so we went hunting for some more and we had some extra luckly. My dh decided he was going for a ride to the store and then head north to see what it was like there. We had very little here compared to about 15 miles north of us. They had alot more ice and also some snow. Following is a picture of our field where you can see the ice on the everything.

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