Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday quilt

Today I was suppose to go meet a friend and also babysit my grandkids but with the cancellation of school this morning I didn't have to babysit. My friend also canceled due to the weather. The funny part is it didn't start snowing until 3:15p.m. and the kids should of went to school. I can see some school officials with egg on their face. The same thing happened last week we were suppose to get a storm and didn't but the school did cancel classes. The kids will probably be going until June to school.

I got to sew today on the birthday quilt. I had all my nine patches done yesterday so I did my snowballs today. I was able to get the center of the top pieced and hope to get the borders done tomorrow. This quilt really was easy to make with the string piecing. I still need to dye the backing fabric which I think will be in the same blue color. I'm hoping to get that dyed tomorrow also so I can get it quilted over the weekend. My plan was to have it done on Monday so without babysitting today I am a day ahead.


  1. Absolutely love your quilt! It's wonderful!!
    I'm safely assuming you're machine quilting that if you plan to have it done so quickly, but I was wondering if you have a long arm or just a regular machine to do it with? You sure got it pieced awfully quick! It's wonderful!