Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Birthday quilt

My husband's aunt will turn 80 on Feb 14. Her family is planning a surprise birthday party for her on the 10Th. My husband says we are going to make the trip home 500 miles for the party. He also wants me to make a quilt for her so here it is a week and a half before we go and I have a quilt to make. She likes the color blue so I'm going with blue and white. I dyed 3 yards of fabric with Dharma Sky Blue yesterday and today I rinsed and washed it. I then ironed it and preceded to start on the quilt. I decided to do 6 1/2 inch 9 patches and 6 1/2 inch snowball blocks. I made 32-9 patches today. I'm hoping to have this done by Monday. I'll post pictures as I go along.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice Judi, I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished.