Monday, January 7, 2008

mystery quilt, bingo prize and weather

Today the weather started off really nice even got up to 70 again today but with weather like this and a cold front going through we are now getting severe weather. Infact we have tornado watches out. We did have some warnings this afternoon for my county but they were all north of me the closest was a funnel cloud sited about 15 miles from me.

I made 5 of these blocks for the mystery quilt I'm working on. There are 8 of these blocks for installment number 5, 3 more to go.

I also worked on getting the Spidron quilted and bound. I'm not real good with freehand so the curves are a little wonky.


  1. I think the spidron also looks great and ya know if you're feeling it doesn't look quite right and are getting the urge to start all over again then just send this baby right on to me.

    My kitchen is blue. Did I tell you my kitchen is blue?

  2. I really like the spidron quilt!

  3. Judi the bingo prize looks great - it's almost enough to tempt me to bingo, but not quite...