Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Color Wheels, Mystery quilt, Bingo Prize and weather

These are 2 more color wheels I did for the nesting robin. One is a light value and the other is a light value with nickel added to it. I used the same colors as yesterday Fire Red, Sky Blue and Golden Yellow with the addition of ProChem's Nickel. As soon as I get more fabric next week I'll do 2 more color wheels using additions of black and brown. I'll post when I get those done.

I made 2 of each block pictured today. They are for a mystery quilt I'm doing with some gals out of Jeff City, MO. This is installment #4 and yes I'm behind and need to get caught up I have installments #5 and #6 waiting to be done.

Here's a picture of the BINGO prize, its a Spidron and still needs quilting.

It was such a beautiful day here today 63 degrees my grandkids got to go out and play. Here's 2 of them playing on a swing/slide.


  1. The colour wheels are looking very pretty Judi and I love the blocks you are working on for your mystery quilt.

    I'm sure more people will hop on board for the bingo once they see your beautiful prize :)

  2. That piece would look great in my bedroom, guess I better send you some bingo words!!